OneNote in One Minute – Tips & Tricks

I love Microsoft OneNote!  It really is the best tool for anyone but the education tools, such as class notebook, make it an absolute must for teachers.  Read about my ‘love affair’ with OneNote blog.

I’m creating some OneNote tips, including the OneNote in One Minute video series on YouTube.  Have a look, if you would like me to help with something specific then please get in touch on the form at the bottom of the page.

If you are completely new to OneNote then have a look at my OneNote – The Basics page.

Create an Indexed Section with hyperlinks in seconds – This is such a fantastic feature which I came across by accident.  Insert a table, in this case student names but it could be anything, a couple of clicks and each row of the table has a page which is hyperlinked to the table.  I love this trick!

Create a customised Tag in OneNote – Tags are a really underused tool in OneNote but I believe you can use them to make your notes work more efficiently once you know that you can create your own personalised tags.  Find out how here:

Printing to multiple OneNote Pages – You want to share a document and collect people’s ideas on it but you don’t want them to edit it and you don’t want to chop down a rain forest to print it! Print a 10 page document to OneNote and each page of the document has a separate OneNote page.  These can be drawn on and comments added but the document is not edited.

Highlighting & Framing text or images – a great idea from @onenotec on twitter.  OneNote does not allow you to frame text in text boxes in the same way you might in Word or Publisher.  However, this quick tip will get around this in a really easy way, try it out!

Password Protect a section tab in OneNote – You might want to keep a section of a notebook secret until the end of a lesson or you might just have something in OneNote which you don’t want the children stumbling across when they use your iPad.  This is the quick solution.