Reasons to be cheerful: 1, 2, 3?

Christmas is now a distant memory – lost in the seemingly inescapable flood of teaching, planning, marking, assessment, meetings, etc. Now we are immersed it would be easy to be dragged under, especially at this time of year. Therefore, if we are to stand any chance of surviving until half term, we need to focus on some reasons to be cheerful.  If not for yourself, do it for your families, colleagues and the children you teach!

  1. You know you can do it!  You survived last term and that was a marathon, this term is just a sprint by comparison.  Plus, if you haven’t moved school or anything, you know the children and the systems and so it will be easier.
  2. You are doing something potentially life changing everyday – educating and preparing children’s minds for their future life.  There aren’t many people who can say their job is as important as that, it is a privilege to be given this responsibility.
  3. Teaching is hard, really hard, harder than anyone outside realises.  But if you can keep your head above water, develop strategies to cope, improve and then flourish you will be very sort after.  I am not so short sighted that I don’t see the problems caused by the recruitment crises but we are looking for positives here.  If you are good at this job you are in a strong position and that isn’t true in every industry.

A-school-closed-sign-001So they are my reason’s to be cheerful, I didn’t even mention the fact it might snow next week or that we get (for now) a 6 week break from the classroom every summer.  What are your reasons to be cheerful in the depressing depths of January?

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